More Stamps, EarthDay Item’s & Easter Egg Hunt!

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C.P have made two more stamps for the Earth day party ❗

 Which is easy to achieve. Only for members.

The free item for the Earth Day party is the Explorer Hat.

You can also watch a video for the party and learn all about the animals C.P will be helping ❗  

There are also two costumes you can buy ❗ But there only for members…

Now for the egg hunt ❗

First egg at the Dojo. Then Dock. Next is at the Forest.Followed by the Pool. Then Mine. Next is the Attic. Then at Ski Hill. And lastly the Snow Forts.

Click claim prize.  To get the Safari Park Background ❗ Here’s what it looks like:

All for now ❗


Rockhopper, Stamps, New Mission & Pin!

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Alotta stuff today ❗

First the new pin:  It’s at the Lodge ❗

Next the new mission for Elite Agents ❗

Your SpyPhone will be ringing, answer and follow your orders to G. He will tell you to get to the Dock and go by the tree. Waddle around near the top of the tree to accept your mission.

This time the mission is a new game. It’s fairly hard unless your fast at the keyboard.

 Once you complete it you’ll get this message:

Rockhopper has also reached the Island today to host the Earth Day Party:!:

As usual everything but one item is unavailable to non-members! 😦

But there is a secret item ❗ (As every item has hidden items in!)

To get it click on the Boiling Cauldron (But don’t buy) and the Island Trinkets should be available!

Rockhoppers noticeboard has new notes on ❗

Stamps have been added for the Treasure Hunt game ❗

If you find Rockhopper this is what his new background will look like ❗

Stay tuned for more ❗


EPF Messages & Upcoming Party!

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Leads onto:

Which finally means

Next on the news is that the Earth Day party will be coming soon ❗ Rockhopper will be visiting the event it seems!:

 Look through the telescope at the Beacon to see for yourself ❗


Puffle Update Sneak-Peek!

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Today, Billybob made a new post on the community page.  This week, he tells us that he is clearly sorry for the people who had trouble connecting and he thanked us for being patient.  He mentions that the team is tracking down the issue and will be fixing the problem very shortly.  Also, he gave us a sneak peek of the new upcoming puffle close up! Here:


To The Readers!

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When you visit this site, what do you do first ❓

Answering the above will help improve this website. :mrgreen: Also everyone from Watex’s site including myself will be posting more about Club Penguin from now on ❗

That’s the good news, the bad news is that the A New Breed Of Darkness©™ Website is sadly closed. We hope you had fun following the adventures and rivalry of the teen’s but now all that has now sadly come to an end. 😥


Attension Readers!

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Stop looking for cheat’s on Chicken Smoothie via our search box ❗ The search box is only for looking for older post’s ❗

There are NO cheat’s for Chicken Smoothie ❗ If you missed out on a pet, tough, just try and trade with somebody ❗

There are NO cheat’s for the Pound time ❗ As the owner’s of C.S say, it open’s RANDOMLY

Don’t look for free pet’s using the search engine ❗ You can only trade with me by using pet’s from the Trade Center ❗


Merry XMas!

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Merry XMas Everyone ❗